To connect your company with your exact customers and bring joy and success to you, your family, your customers and staff!


Understanding the vision you have for your company is the first step.  Then select the right outlets to get you the best ROI.  It may be email and re-marketing; content and SEO; PPC; or social media.  Either way, we are committed to your vision too.

Miss Heather Lee Hort Biz SolutionsHeather
President & Lead Strategist

Advertising is an investment.  Gone are the days when ads were sending a hope and a prayer into a newspaper.  I spent many years working in the horticulture industry, and am now blessed to understand the industry and work diligently with a highly skilled team to build it.   By night, I’m a Gardener Extraordinaire, on a mission to get the youth excited about gardening and nature.

Sheila McGinnis
Lead Designer

Sheila is a creative genius, who is also a nature lover, and is responsible for the beautiful imagery, custom design and artwork and your new print materials. Sorry fellas, she’s taken. Just got hitched this year!

USA Only Digital Marketing Team


Web Developer & Technical Genius
…and coding is his game. Zach is the go to guy for nearly
Everything. He’s the diplomat of the bunch, a trusted friend and has been know to smack a ladies bottom at the zoo when he was three. He is also quite a good guitar player.



Project Manager & Genius Mastermind

…basically, he’s the guy who is responsible for all that money you’re making. He’s like the Continuum Transfunctioner in human form. He is a loved father and cherished friend, soccer coach and a real winner!


Small Business Optimizer
…he’ is your YouTube optimizer, Facebook Events Specialist and works on many behind the scene tasks that that are nearly impossible to understand. And an admirable young man who loves God and will knock down doors to beat out your competition and help you grow your business.


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