You already know that there is no way in today’s green industry to organically  produce enough food or plant products fast enough to satisfy the needs of the consumer.  Unfortunately, the consumer doesn’t understand this, just like we don’t understand their work.

In every market you have your pretentious buyer all the way to the buyer who has no quality expectations at all.

And then there’s buyers like me (and probably you too) who just want to be healthy and feel good!    And there are a lot of people who want to live healthy and aren’t obsessed with word “organic”.  And they don’t need you to  give then a lesson on carbon atoms and hydrogen atoms on the packaging or in the catalog.

A simple explanation of your company’s commitment to producing products in the healthiest way possible can really go a long way.  Look at Perdue chicken and Egglands Best Eggs.  I buy them all the time, because they are vegetarian fed, with no added hormones and the packaging looks a few cents more expensive.  And I remember buying plants once that stated they didn’t use toxic sprays and I loved that, and would definitely purchase more if [they had branded themselves better so that] I could remember their names!

It tells me they are doing the best they can for a healthy humanity.  And I buy that.

Healthy living presents incredible opportunity to increase revenue, as well as a challenge to generate healthy products that produce profit.  Farmers, nurseries… keep up the good work!  IPM companies – please keep working toward large scale solutions!

If you would like some packaging and label copy to promote the healthy in your products, send me an email, and I’ll send you some ideas for free!   And you can count on the grammar, being wrong and there may also be misspeled words! hahaha!




You know how you love that store you go to because they are always giving you a “free” pack of underpants when you buy one at “regular” price?

Scary thought there.  No, not you in your underpants, but the word “free”.

Anyway… the average person loves “free”  stuff. Discounts of 50% off  imported crap from China will have consumers waving their credit cards around like it’s a winning lottery ticket.

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I talk to landscape companies all day.  And about 75% of them say…

 …“we have plenty of business, we get all referral work and no, we aren’t looking to grow.”
Ok.  So you don’t want to advertise your business because you don’t want to grow. Probably because your making just enough money to pay for all of your earthly comforts.  And if you’re already living the little tiny cushy life that you’ve always dreamed about;  why would you want to deal with all the a hastles that come with growing your landscaping business?

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