We believe in charity and giving back, and that’s why $5 from each sale will be going to the women in Congo. Proceeds are given annually to the Panzi Foundation USA. As a woman, especially one in a financial position to give back, I feel it is my duty and obligation to help women and girls who facing traumatic situations.

Visit their site: http://www.panzifoundation.org/

From the Panzi Foundation USA website…

In Congo, there has been a rise in maternal mortality. The safety of all women and girls are being impacted by brutal forces that ravaged their bodies in unimaginable ways. Violence against women and girls has escalated dramatically in the context of Congo’s wars and the Panzi Foundation has dedicated significant resources to treating women with fistula and other complex gynecological injuries – both traumatic and obstetric. Panzi Foundation USA raises awareness about the challenges in eastern Democratic Republic ofCongo, engages in strategic advocacy to address the root causes of violence, and makes key investments at Panzi Hospital to heal women and restore lives.