Better Marketing.

Get out of the woods, get in the game and blow up your business! The best place to be is where your customers are.  And they are all over this magical place called “The Internet”.  Be there with them.
  • Grow Revenue – There’s no better customer than the one who has already purchased from you or who is already interested in your brand.  And if you’re not using pixels, email marketing and  re-marketing campaigns, you’re company is loosing money.
  • Drive Leads –  Over 8.7mm consumers a year are searching online, for non- branded specialty products and service providers. And 64% of these searches are being made from mobile phones.  And when a customer finds you on their mobile phone,  1 out of 3 of these people will call your company or make a purchase within one day. Mobile optimized websites and  local relevant content (SEO) is number one;  paired with the fast and sexy PPC methods on social media, search engines and YouTube.
  • Build Awareness – 86% of consumers will pay more for a product or service that is portrayed as being trusted and popular.  Today, company’s do this by partnering with social media influencers.  This is strategy has yielded 6x on ROI’s and increased long term reach. Gone are the days of television commercials, now we can pay regular people to educate and educate the consumer on your brand.

Generate over 382% ROI using Facebook. 

You already know that Facebook is the largest marketing platform in the world.  But how does a small business successfully gain new customers at a low cost on such a big platform?  That’s easy!
1. Interact.  Because our society has become so digital, it’s important for businesses to get personal with our audience. That means to be genuinely interested in them. The same social rules from the book ” and even ROI.
2. Value. When people are on social media, they are looking to be entertained and/or to learn something. They do NOT want to see an ad! When your business provides them with mindless entertainment or valuable information that they can use themselves, they become loyal to your brand and then start talking to all their friend about you!
3. Consistency.  Facebook promotes shows the top 50 pages that users interact with.  That’s why it’s important to post daily so that you are in the top 50!
4. Giveaways – Who doesn’t love something for FREE or at a discount? Or even a chance to get something for free or discounted?  Incentivized giveaways may cost your business a few freebies; howerver;  you will see the return on the investment add up at the end of the year.
5. Local Audience. You can target the exact customer you want and cut through the noise by creating a specific audience and calling out their location. This one simple trick will cut your cost-per-conversion by up to 64%.
6. Video. Over the past few years, video has been climbing as the #1 best way to reach your audience, and today it will account for up to 800% of your audience views.
7. Shop. Customers are 50% more likely to buy when they can make a purchase on the Facebook platform. Your products and services will also get circulated through marketplace, doubling your exposure.
8. Re- targeting. A buyer needs to be reached by you an average of 7 times before they make a purchase. And there’s no quicker way than staying in front of their face by means of following them everywhere on the internet with re-targeting ads.

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