As an established company, this isn’t your first merry-go-round with branding or marketing.  And if your business is new, this won’t be your last. Trends and technology change. And so does your business.

Here’s to the simplicity of getting started (again). Cheers!

Branding and Imagery

So cliche, I know. But it’s simple. Know your target market and what  they want to see.  And we simply find other large brands who are marketing to a similar audience (while holding their attention), and create imagery that has similarities, and tweek it into your own special image..


So many choices, so little time. Again, know your target market and locations.  I will always love print.  The truth is, digital marketing converts up to 12% higher.  There will always be changes in digital marketing. Right now the big thing is Local Searches!  Location mark everything, everywhere, all the time.  It’s as simple as keeping with keeping up with the traditional media practices like SEO and then location tag and title everything everywhere, all the time.


Like Whoah!  If your interested in advertising, it’s because you want to grow. It is very important to know what your administration and support staff can handle.  A good marketing campaign will take you anywhere you want to go, so make sure you know what sort of growth your company can handle within a certain time period.  It’s that simple.

When will you be back for your next round of branding updates?  Oh, probably within 7 to 10 years.  Be sure to add these fees into your marketing budget with minimum of a 4% increase each year. The cost of marketing and advertising is small when you consider the joy you can bring to more people with fabulous branding, content and advertising.  It’s more than a business expense, it’s simply an honor.